Pepper’s Ghost Frames

Pepper’s Ghost Frames enable effective staging for special motives or company logos. It is a combination of illuminated picture and mirror, whereby the play with the light is the special feature of this frame.

This special effect is created by a light source in the frame in a combination with the semitransparent mirror foil. If the light is switched off, a mirroring effect is produced. If the light is on, the foil become transparent and the picture behind the foil can be seen.

The Pepper’s Ghost Frame is made of a 4 cm thick aluminum frame and semitransparent mirror foil, polyurethane foam sheet is built in the back side of the frame, due to these materials, the frame is very light and the mounting uncomplicated and easy. We use only high quality LED lighting. We can provide a light control via Bluetooth on request.

Please go to POLLOPAS foil mirror - transparent to get detailed product information.

Just send us your request with the preferred motive or company logo and we produce this special frame for you. In the price list you can find all formats and prices of the frames.

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