Solid wood shelves

Our solid wood shelf made in an industrial chic represents an eye-catcher of extraordinary quality. The shelves are 100% hand-crafted and custom-made with great care for detail which makes every piece a unique item. In order to ensure sustainability as well as quality we process solely regional and high quality material deriving from Germany and Austria.

Our solid wood

We buy the core wood deriving from old beams for our shelves made out of barn wood after the rupture of Austrian hayricks, old farm houses, granaries and castles. Its origin leaves room for the imagination of singularity and individual charm. We can additionally structure the wooden surface with a metal brush. This way, the strong annual rings are maintained and the mellow wood in-between is brushed out. We produce your shelf planks with or without tree rim, as requested.

We use non-treated virgin wood in cuts deriving from Germany to produce our solid wood shelves. The solid wooden size of 5cm makes the shelf planks look extremely stable and highgraded. Our wooden items are exclusively treated with pure natural oil, after fading and grinding. We do not use any other agents like glue etc. We produce your shelf planks with or without tree rim, as requested.

Shelf stands

The shelf stands consist of bright square-cut iron pipes in the size of 4 x 2 cm. We buy the iron from a regional raw iron provider and weld it in our manufactory custom-made to become your shelf.

Our Shelf Configurator enables you to compound your own shelf according to your request. Make a choice of the kind of wood, your sizes as well as the desired number of shelf planks, and ask for an individual offer. We would like to consult with you in person.

Shelf Configurator