Mirrors with barn wood frame

Our mirrors with a barn wood frame not only are an eye-catcher on every wall, but also enlarge and illuminate any room. The robust wooden frame underlines the elegance of the mirror to its best so that a stylish combination of an extraordinary wood design and a functional low weight mirror is created. Each of our mirrors and frames is custom-made and 100% hand-crafted.


Our POLLOPAS foil mirror is a low weight mirror with a fully reflective high quality polyester foil mounted in a special procedure onto a custom-made welded aluminum frame. Thus we can offer a 100% distortion-free mirror quality, equal to a glass mirror.

Due to the low weight of about 1.5 kg/sqm the foil mirror remains comparatively light, despite of the solid wood frame. This enables a simple and uncomplicated mounting. A further advantage is the low electrostatic charge of the foil mirror, reason for which it merely attracts dirt and dust.

Barn wood frame

We buy the barn wood aged up to 100 years from ruptured Austrian hayricks, farm houses, castles and granaries, traces of which are left on the wood. In order to make appear the special structure of the old wood, it can be processed additionally with a metal brush. Thus the mellow wood which lies in-between is brushed out, and the hard annual rings are maintained, so that a more characteristic surface of the wood turns up.

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