Barn wood wall clocks

Our clocks combine functionality and extraordinary design to a stylish wall decoration. Each one of the uniquely hand-crafted clock hands has its own charme.

The story-telling barn wood derives from ruptured Austrian hayricks, farm houses, granaries, old castles and factories. This up to 100 years old wood makes your clock a very special charming unique item.

The clocks are available in two different sizes. Additionally, you can choose between several outlines, so that you are able to create a clock corresponding to your own taste. If you like to create a clock even more individually, please let us know so that we can have a look for the desired characters. We solely use high quality quartz clockworks as dials.

Small version Large version
Dimension about 50 x 40 cm about 60 x 75 cm
Clockworks Wandkings Karlsson
Figures White ceramic rose, white ceramic owl Gold metal butterfly, white ceramic elephant, gold brass owl

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